Welcome to the official website of Te Atiawa ki Kapiti and the Atiawa ki Whakarongotai Trust

We are excited to announce that our Tari has officially reopened now that we’re in Level One. If you wish to book a meeting with us, please feel free to email Kristie at admin@teatiawakikapiti.co.nz. to make an appointment. It’s always a good time to register with us, please email Kristie today to become a member!!!

We congratulate our whānau for committing to the kaupapa over the past two months, lets celebrate this win together!!! If you are feeling a little worried and need support, please feel free to contact us via our 0800 number (see below).

Our response in Level One will be supporting the economy to get it buzzing again!!! It will take another concerted effort from all of us to create this recovery strategy for our community. Rebuilding a sustainable economy is dependent on whānau actively pulling together by buying, selling, producing, collaborating and thinking outside the box!!! Its a time for new thinking, new idea’s and being innovative!!! We will provide tools and resources on our website for you so ‘watch this space’.

Please find below our response to COVID-19.

If you need support, to update your contact details or someone to korero with

CALL 0800 149566