Tikanga Haumaru COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan

Kia tau ngā manaakitanga a te mea ngaro
ki runga ki tēnā, ki tēnā o tātou
Kia mahea te hua mākihikihi
kia toi te kupu, toi te mana, toi te aroha, toi te Reo Māori
kia tūturu, ka whakamaua kia tīna! Tīna!
Hui e, Tāiki e!


There has always been the right time to express manākitanga for us, but moreso, today. Manākitanga means to extend aroha (love and compassion) to others. It is expressed in such ways as helping a loved one, encouraging one another or even supporting a complete stranger. Manākitangā is an important concept for our people as it strengthens relationships in whānau and communities and encourages reciprocity.

How we extended manākitanga:



Many iwi providers have stood up to provide a COVID-19 response with support from government agencies and District Health Boards. Atiawa ki Whakarongotai has also embraced the opportunity to provide a mana whenua outreach service delivered in partnership with Hora te Pai Health Service, called Manaaki Kapiti. 
Manaaki Kapiti is a response service for COVID-19 positive cases, to meet whanau health and welfare needs while they are in isolation, either at home or in a Managed or Supported I.Q facility. While this service is iwi-led, it is available to everyone who lives within our rohe.
We have been operating for nearly eight weeks and have had a steady flow of referrals. 
How does Manaaki Kapiti know who needs support? 
 We get notifications from: 

  • a national clinical health system 
  •  local GP’s and medical practices 
  • Other Manaaki services around the region 
  • a MSD referral system  

So, what is the service? 
We have joined up with Hora Te Pai Health Services to partner on a bespoke outreach service that is agile and flexible to meet the changing needs of whanau with COVID. We are one of many in the region, each are supported by government agencies and regional district health boards.   Hora te Pai provide clinical and health services, while the Manaaki team support with kai, hygiene packs and any other social needs during isolation. 
Is this service available to everyone? 
Yes! This service is available to everyone who is COVID positive, living within our rohe.  We know how important it is for whanau to stay at home during this time and we are here to support. 
How do I access this service? 
There are a couple of ways, through your whanau medical practitioner, the COVID self-registrations system and through the Ministry of Social Development’s referral service. We understand that these types of referrals aren’t always timely. If, through your service, you know of someone in need of Manaaki support please contact us through our designated channels. 
When are you open? 
We are operating from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday with an on-call service over the weekends (we will increase weekend hours in the coming weeks). 

How do I get in touch with the Manaaki Kapiti Team? 
If you know of COVID-19 positive households and whanau who may need some outreach support (either clinical or welfare) please feel free to contact Karey on Kara.Kearney@manaakikapiti.org.nz   
Rats, Rats, Rats (not the rodent type)
If you or your whanau require RATS (Rapid Antigen Tests) please don’t hesitate to contact the Iwi tari or the Manaaki Team.  A number of RATS have been provided to the Iwi tari however if you are symptomatic, we ask kindly that you stay home, our Hauora and Kaimanaaki team can get these to you!

Te Tohu
Whilst the Manaaki Kāpiti team have been busy implementing policies and procedures and onboarding new staff to ensure we have the means to efficiently operate, we’ve had a young dynamic team of Iwi members assisting with a communications strategy that included bringing the brand to life. The Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai and Hora Te Pai logo’s will sit alongside the tohu. The brand was developed by our very own Rangatahi. We are really excited to share with you the final tohu.  

We can acknowledge the great mokopuna of Shirley and Peter Edwin: Ruben Kearney Parata, Georgia & Jade Gifford, Ivy and Manny Parata and Seth Stewart who were all involved in co-creating the communications strategy of Manaaki Kāpiti.  We can also acknowledge the support and guidance from Ben Ngaia and Hemi Sundgren. 

As a basic concept, Nga Tai o Tangaroa (similar to ‘Nga Hau e Wha’) acknowledges and welcomes Māori from all corners of Aotearoa to Kapiti – those tides are Te Tai Tokerau, Te Tai Tonga, Te Tai Rawhiti & Te Tai Hauauru.  We have applied a mana whenua lens to acknowledge the boundaries of Atiawa ki Whakarongotai. 

Kukutauaki to the north, Whareroa to the south. The kāhui maunga in land to the east, and ocean tides to the west. Kapiti ki Uta, Kapiti ki Tai, s expressed fully in our  iwi korero tuku iho:

Mai i Kukutauaki ki Whareroa, tatu atu ki Paripari. Rere whakauta nga tini tapu ko Wainui, ko Maunganui, Pukemore, Kapakapanui, Pukeatua ungutu atu. Ki te pou whakararo ki Ngawhakangutu. Ko Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai e.

Nga mihinui 

The Manaaki Kapiti Team. 

Friday, 27 September 2021:

Within this last week we have led a successful kai pack distribution to over 44 kaumātua across the Kāpiti Coast district, from Paekākāriki to Otaki.  For a small iwi we cover a large demographic across the Kāpiti Coast takiwā.  These distributions included Registered Iwi Members, taurahere and kaumātua associated with Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai.  

There were also a small number of kai packs distributed to vulnerable whānau referred by the Māori Community Health Team at Hora Te Pai Health services; whānau that are Iwi registered.  All of our recipients were Māori.  

We would like to acknowledge Phil Waihi, Aunties Judy Anne Stewart, Wendy Smith, Claire Winiata-Rewi and her tamahine Charmaine & Kararaina. Your time and whakaaro aroha today is truly appreciated. On behalf of our Iwi, we thank you. Kei te mihi tino aroha kia koutou!

On the 1st May 2020, as part of the Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust and Ātiawa ki Whakarongotai Asset holding company COVID -19 response, we offered a “FREE” Flu vaccination to all registered members over the age of 10.

We had 51 whānau members receiving their flu vaccinations. We also reported 18 swabs and 1 GP consult. A big thank you to the HTP Doctor, Nurses and Kaimahi for their loving care of our people. And to our Marae Trustees, the Marae looked beautiful as ever!!! #NgāNēhi #Whakarongotai 😍😎
We would like to especially mention our whanaunga, Ngā Rauru who delivered a pallet of Katahi Frozen Smoothie Drops as a koha to our people. They were truly welcomed and very delicious. Ngā mihi mahana 🙂 Please support Kaitahi – www.kaitahi.com

Koha Manaaki Tangata

He Koha Manaaki Tangata (care packs) were delivered on the 7-9 April 2020 to our whānau from Raumati to Otaki. The packs filled with healthy kai, ie; a vast range of grocery items, fruit and veges are a gesture of manaakitangā to awhi whānau during the rahui.

The feedback from whānau and kaumātua was extremely humbling and uplifting.  The success of this project was due to the collaboration with our funder and Hora Te Pai in enabling their workforce to manage the logistics, providing regular needs assessments and professional oversight on the well-being of our people. In true manaakitanga spirit – we rise by lifting other people up.

Check out our photos below and follow this link to view a video we put together that captures korero from kaumātua.

Hygiene care packs from Te Roopu Awhina were delivered by our Hora Te Pai Angels on 17-18 April 2020.  A special mihi from our Chairperson was captured in the video. click here. The smiles in the photo’s tell the story of how well received these packs were for whānau.

An example of togetherness and unity is in the way we worked with Hora Te Pai who aside from delivering their usual medical services, Hora Te Pai offered to support our Tikanga Haumaru COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan. Cherie Seamark is a Trustee on our Trust and manages Hora Te Pai health services. Her contribution to the iwi is truly valued her wealth of knowledge in business. She epitomises the dreams her kuia and korua had for her modelling leadership and vision for her people.

We have been working with Cherie and Hora Te Pai, our next initiative is providing a free flu vaccination check point for the community on 1 May 2020 from our Marae, Whakarongotai. To register your interest please CALL 0800 149566 by the 28rd April 2020.

WHĀIA TE MANAAKI:  Manaakitanga & Hauora

by Kiri Parata

What is Manaakitanga?

We are excited to be able share the beautiful korero collected from the Whaia te Manaakitanga project.  This research project was lead by our iwi researcher Kiri Parata who conducted interviews with a wide range of  whānau members.

We invited Kiri to be part of a weekly segment to provide us an understanding of what manaakitangā means to our whānau. In true Kiri fashion, she went one step further and will be providing us a video over the next coming weeks. 

Video 1 – To view

Today I wanted to share with you something that comes up everytime we discuss manaakitanga on the Marae and what that means for us. Our thoughts generally go to our Aunts and Uncles and our kuia and koroua who taught us the importance of maintaining tikanga and upholding the values that they were taught. We remember dear Aunty Eke and Uncle George Jenkins in the wharekai working over big pots, cooking plentiful kai for our haukainga and for our manuhiri.

Video 2 – To view

  • sharing abundance of resources
  • manaakitanga across and amongst iwi, collaboration
  • examples of modern day sharing amongst whānau
  • “manaakitanga is a lifestyle thing, not just for the Marae”

Video 3 – To view

  • Role modelling good behaviour
  • Sharing your skills

Today I want to discuss two concepts – the idea of role modelling and also sharing your skills as an expression of manaaki. And before we move onto that, I’ll share an example from a whanaunga about what manaakitanga means to him … read more

Below are some practical ways we can further express manākitangā during the COVID-19 huarāhi.

Haere ki mua …