Waikanae Marae

Kia ū koe ki tō marae, mā tō marae ka kiia koe he tangata
Hold fast to your marae, for it is your marae that makes you a whole a person.

Waikanae Marae holds a special significance for Ati Awa within Kāpiti. It is our only remaining marae and has been the focal point for Iwi activities since the early 1880’s.

The current site of the Marae was originally part of the Maori Land Court determination awarded to nga uri o Wi Parata Te Kakakura:  Tohuroa Parata, Uruorangi Parata (Aged 16 years on 19 September 1949), Tama Parata (Aged 15 years on 10 September 1949), Nohorua Parata, Hira Parata (2nd), Tira Parata,  Wihau Parata and Harata Parata of 301 acres 2 roods 1.58 perches, being part of Ngarara West A78.

Ngarara West A78A was then portioned on 24 January 1952 by application to the Native Land Court on 14 August 1948. The original Trustees for the Marae were then appointed by the Court, they were:  Paioke Eruini, Wikitoria Jenkins Ropata, Haua Matenga Baker, Rangiauahi Puni Tamati,  Taiaroa Ropata, Pahemata Pirihana Erihana and Tere Rauara Parata. At a subsequent Court Hearing in Wellington on 16 June 1952, Ngarara West A78A was declared a Māori Reservation for the purpose of a Meeting Place.

Waikanae Marae has since been the site of our most important taonga. These are the houses,  Whakarongotai (previously known as Puku Mahi tamariki) and Aorewa (Wharekai) and the pou Te Puna o te Aroha.  Waikanae Marae remains to be the cultural heart and key gathering place of Ati Awa, alongside our relations, Ngāti Toa and Ngāti Raukawa.

Important Ati Awa hui are held here, including events such as Tangi, hura kohatu (unveilings), huritau (birthdays), family reunions, wananga, iwi hui and iwi AGM’s.


Waikanae Marae is currently administered by the Waikanae Marae Reservation Trustees. The Trustees responsibilities are guided by Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 and their Marae Charter.

The present Trustees are:

Chairperson:  Lois McNaught

Booking Officer:  Sandra Edwards

Secretary:  Sandra Edwards

Treasurer:  Brenda Tuuta

To Book the Marae

Email our Booking Officer:

Sandra Edwards at whakarongotai.booking@gmail.com

Please include the following:

  • The purpose of your kaupapa?
  • The date of your booking?
  • Main contact details.

Whaea Sandra will correspond direct with you with respect to your request.


    Phone: +64 4 2938407

    Physical Address: Marae Lane
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