Tikanga Haumaru COVID Response Plan

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He aroha ki te tangata, he aroha ki te tangata, he aroha ki te tangata.

We invite you to read our panui designed to keep the iwi well informed as to what is happening on the Kapiti Coast. And to serve as a platform to share stories of how we were able to mobilise our people and provide examples of resilience that have arisen during the rāhui.

Tikanga Haumaru – Our Plan

Information for whānau, hapū, and iwi Māori

FOR OUR MEMBERS: Please ensure your registration is updated so we can contact you direct to provide you the best in MANA-kitanga!!!

HOW TO CONTACT US: Please email us at admin@teatiawakikapiti.co.nz or telephone our office at (04) 293 1538

Kia mōhio mai koeWhat you need to know:

Aotearoa will move to the red light traffic system at 11.99pm tonight to stamp out the omicron outbreak.

Life at the red: Click here: https://covid19.govt.nz/traffic-lights/life-at-red/

In summary, life carries on with more masks, crowds and events will be limited to 100 people for those who are vacinnated. Businesses and workplaces, education remain open with conditions. Its important to get vacinnated, get your booster, wear masks.

Create a whanau plan. This checklist can help you make a plan. click here: https://covid19.govt.nz/prepare…/be-prepared-for-covid-19/

Watch this video released 23/01/2022: https://fb.watch/aIeBmAT0vL/


We acknowledge that this time can be very overwhelming and somewhat confusing, so we wanted to alleviate some stress on our whānau.  Of course, if you need some one to korero too or just support please feel free to telephone us direct on (04) 293 1538..  

This week we developed two rauemi (resources) that can be easily downloaded, printed and put on your fridge. We are happy to print these out for you, please contact Linda at admin@teatiawakikapiti.co.nz

The whānau plan will help you to start the korero with whānau and tamariki   It’s important that everyone is involved in this process as this will be your very own whānau safety plan and it will take the entire tribe to activate it. 

The second rauemi we developed early this year.  This is a list of important support numbers to print.  Remember whānau, you are not alone and there are a tribe of people just waiting to tautoko in their given fields! 


We are keen to see how many of our registered whānau members are vaccinated and would like to receive feedback from you.  For your time and dedication to our Iwi, we will be offering the following prizes.  

Terms & Conditions 
We are asking whanau to show us they have received a COVID-19 vaccine.  

How to enter 

  1. Email admin@teatiawakikapiti.co.nz
  2. Upload a photo of your vaccine record card, or a photo/video of you in the clinic receiving your vaccine.
  3. Tell us why you decided to get the vaccine
  4. 1 entry per vaccination so get your whānau in to win win win!!



2 x week day & 4 x weekend day trips to Kāpiti Island.

Who wouldn’t want a trip to our motu!  We are committed in supporting whānau businesses.

We have beautiful rongōa products for you to win.  They have been specially selected and blended for our Iwi.  Sourced from our whenua, the kaiawhina are whānau so their whakapapa and matauranga ensure that the fusion of these products are made with aroha.

A Grocery pack is up for grabs for our whanau who live abroad. Enter now!!!

Go to www.bookmyvaccine.nz to reserve your spot.

NZ COVID Tracer app

We need everyone to record their movements using the NZ COVID Tracer app, or by making a note of where they’ve been and who they’ve seen.

Today we have had a record number of downloads and uses of the NZ COVID Tracer app.

All businesses and venues should display the official government issued QR code poster. From 19 August this will be compulsory.

NZ COVID Tracer app is the fastest way to notify people if they have come in contact with the virus. You can get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Face Masks

Face coverings can be re-usable or disposable and they can be bought or homemade. You don’t need a medical mask. You can use another kind of face covering like a scarf, bandana or t-shirt. We have attached a mask pattern for your use!!!

Face coverings help stop droplets spreading when someone speaks, laughs, coughs or sneezes. This will help stop the spread if someone has COVID-19 but feels well or has no obvious symptoms.

Masks must be worn on all flights leaving Auckland. If you do not have your own, the airline will supply one.